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Nezo Refined Pure Salt - 600 gm

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Nezo Salt is 100% iodized, double refined, and also stronger in taste, which means a little pinch goes a long way for all your savory recipes! Nezo Iodized Salt has been a staple in kitchens for generations now. Salt is one of the most important ingredients we use in food and cooking. It is a good method for food fortification and it also adds taste and flavor to any dish.


Brand: Nezo

Seasoning Form: Milled

Type: Salt

Size: 600 gm

Packaging: Bottle

Details: Made from evaporated sea water

Necessary nutrient

Salt supplies iodide

Brand                              : Nezo

Package thickness         : 7.3 centimeters

Package weight in KGs  : 648 grams

Seasoning Form              : Milled

Type                                : Salt

Size                                 : 600 gm

Packaging                       : Bottle

EAN-13                           : 87158113

Gluten                            : Free

Package height             : 14.3 centimeters

Package Width             : 22.7 centimeters

Item EAN                      : 2724622883190

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