Al Alali Capelvenere Nido Italian Vermicelli 125 - 250 g

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Capelvenere Nido pasta resembles a nest made of fine, circular noodles. Best served with delicate sauces and thin soups. The fine strands allow this specially shaped pasta to trap the tasty bits and absorb the sauce to perfection. Al Alali Capelvenere Nido is high in fiber and protein, it is prepared from hard Durum wheat which produces the best-quality, golden-colored pasta that remains firm.

Brand Al Alali

Package thickness 19.8 centimeters

Package weight in KGs 260 grams

Type Pasta & Noodles

Product Packaging Pouch


Gluten Free


Lactose Free

Energy Kcal 350

Sodium 0 mg

Cholesterol 0 mg

Calcium 0%

Vitamins 0%

Fat 1.7 g

Protein 12 g

Carbohydrates 71 g

Fibers 2 g

Package height 5.4 centimeters

Package Width 16.2 centimeters

Item EAN2724339993410

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