Indomie Cup Chicken, 60 gm

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Indomie Mi Goreng is an instant noodles product line made under the Indomie brand by the Indofood company, the world's largest instant noodle manufacturer, located in Indonesia. Mi Goreng is Indonesian for "fried noodle". Indomie Mi Goreng is simply abbreviated as Indomie goreng by most Indonesians. Indomie Goreng is a type of instant noodle served without soup and is stirred well with soysauce, oil, and seasoning. This instant noodle derived its inspiration from traditional Indonesian dish called mi goreng, a variant of fried noodle common in Indonesia.

Brand Indomie

Package thickness 7.8 centimeters

Package weight in KGs 140 grams

Product weight 60 gm

Type na

Product Packaging Cup

Pasta Shape Noodles


Gluten Free


Lactose Free


Package height 10.4 centimeters

Package Width 8.2 centimeters

Item EAN2724444623837

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