Parfums de Marly Lippizan For Men Eau De Parfum, 125 ml

Parfums de Marly
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Lippizan Parfums de Marly Eau De For Men MIDDLE NOTES This perfume for men has interesting middle notes that include jasmine, rose, iris, galbanum, patchouli, cedar, and vetiver. Sweet narcotic and pleasant scent by rose and jasmine accords join hands with bitter green galbanum. The powdery and starchy iris note further brings in a distinct smell while patchouli, cedar, and vetiver give a woody, earthy scent. Lippizan Parfums de Marly Eau De For Men BASE NOTES The marly perfume comprises of moss, vanilla, leather, amber, and musk as the base notes. Vanilla with a creamy flavor blends with the subtle scent of amber. Leather gives a natural smell that is enhanced by smoky musk accord. An inky and bitter smelling note of moss further seals the base notes of this fragrance.

Lippizan Parfums de Marly features a dreamy combination of aromatic and woody notes. This Marly perfume flaunts a fragrance that will linger on throughout the day. Available in a stylish 125ml bottle, this Lippizan Parfums de Marly Eau De For Men has a mesmerizing aroma. This perfume takes inspiration from the daring horse race that charmed France during the King Louis XV’s era. The beautiful amalgamation of woody and earthy fragrances, along with floral accords, make this perfume truly enchanting. It was launched in the year 2009, and the creator of this captivating fragrance is Sidonie Lancesseur. The perfume comes in a stunning 125ml bottle with the race horses etched on the surface of the glass. PERFUME NOTES Lippizan Parfums de Marly Eau De For Men Perfume Notes Lippizan Parfums de Marly Eau De For Men TOP NOTES The parfum de Marly features cardamom, bergamot, amalfi lemon, tarragon, thyme, and clary sage at its top notes. A tangy and juicy scent is radiated by bergamot and Amalfi lemon, while a mild anistic note of tarragon combines with the leathery scent of clary sage and thyme. The cardamom note provides a hint of spice and warmth in the scent
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